Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 9

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I waited for minutes or hours. It must have been minutes, but the time has a way of altering itself in this position. My fear of being discovered seemed to amplify without him in the room. Thoughts of someone coming in and finding me in this position, partially naked, with a cord disappearing under my skirt made my stomach churn. The thought of getting up and at least putting my blouse back on crossed my mind briefly. But no, I couldn’t. He’d know if I’d even sat up. I just knew that he’d know.

The door opened and I held my breath. As he came around the desk and sat down, he spoke in a soft tone, "Good girl." It was almost a purr and it gave me chills.

"Sit up."

I moved my hands to my side and pushed up slowly to try and avoid the lightheadedness I knew would come. He tugged on the cord, drawing me closer to him. He handed me an open bottle of water and I took a long drink. It was ice cold. Taking the bottle back from me, he moved it first to one nipple, then the other. They stiffened in reaction and the coldness in my breasts tugged on the heat in my cunt; hot and cold met and mingled deep inside me.

He rolled away from me then and I heard the pizza box moving. My mind raced to figure out what would be next.

When he rolled his chair back, he had a slice of pizza in his hand. I couldn’t help but smile. He held it to my mouth and I took a bite. Even lukewarm it was excellent. So I knelt between his legs and he ate pizza.

When he’d finished, he took another bottle of water and placed it against my sore nipples once again. He rolled the hardness between his finger and thumb, twisting, pulling, and pinching. His eyes measured mine when he pinched hard and I held his gaze and moaned with each pinch.

He cupped my left breast with one hand and with the other, slapped it hard. I saw that bright light of pain in my mind’s eye and cried out. His finger was on my lips immediately, shushing me. He gently ran his fingers over the reddening handprint that was forming. I tried to steady myself for the next one, but it didn’t come.

"Back under the desk and down."

The word jolted me into action and I moved, positioning my body so that it was parallel with the desk and scooting underneath it.

He tugged on the cord again and the plug felt huge inside me. I heard him get out of the chair and felt his hand on my thigh. He took both of my hands by the wrist and moved them further up my back, off the fabric of my skirt and onto my bare skin.

He pulled the hem of my skirt up to the waistband and worked the end of the cord underneath it. He wrapped it around the bunched up part of the skirt and pulled the cord tightly. I gasped when he pulled it taut and my hips arched upward trying to accommodate the pain. He tied the cord off somehow so that the pressure was constant. I clenched around the thing, holding it in.

He saw the muscles in my ass tense up and he spanked each cheek hard. I bit my lip and tried to fight the whimper that rose from inside me.

I heard him sit back down and roll his chair around. Then I heard only my breathing and the unmistakable sounds of typing on a keyboard.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 8

I felt a gentle tug on it; kind of tentative at first. That was followed by a more pronounced yank. The feeling was different… and mixed with the heat in my ass cheeks, I couldn’t quite place it. I didn’t have much time to think about it.

"Turn around."

As I turned to face him, I looked down and saw what looked like an electrical cord or cable in his hand. The other end disappeared under my skirt, wrapped around my hip and was obviously attached to points behind me. He tugged on it gently and again that solidity inside me forced me to move with it. I realized he’d created a collar and leash, just not in the traditional style.

"On your knees." He said it softly.

I dropped to my knees as fluidly as I could. I felt a sense of dread that there wouldn’t be enough slack in the cord to prevent the thing from being painfully yanked from inside me by the force of my own movement. Nothing was yanked, though and when I was situated on my knees in front of him, he tugged the cord a little, pulling me toward him, between his legs.

I rested my arms on his thighs and from this position, I had to truly look up to meet his gaze. As our eyes met, he reached behind me with one hand and grabbed a fistful of my hair. He pulled down on it until my arched back and neck would go no further. My mouth was opened wide and gasping. His lips played lightly over mine. It was an almost-kiss; one that I absolutely had to have and one that I had to move my lips toward his to achieve. This caused extreme pain from the fistful of my hair that he wasn’t letting up on. I could kiss him, but not without subjecting myself to a new level of pain.

The need and the pain battled it out, each one taking a turn until I could stand it no longer and the other took over. Then I felt the thing inside me being pulled again. My hips moved backwards trying to accommodate the movement and at the same time, making the arch in the rest of my body more painful. He lightly traced his tongue around my lips. I couldn’t move.

He pulled away from my mouth and looked into my eyes, still grasping my hair and keeping steady pressure on the cord. There was that connection again… the power and the passion and the knowing that our eyes conveyed to one another.

The phone rang.

His gaze remained on me as he let go of my hair and gave the cord some slack.

He rolled away from me a little and answered the phone. I rolled my head and shoulders around a little, working the pain out of my neck and back.

I listened while he talked about some work he was doing, silently awed that he could sound perfectly normal in this situation. He hung up the phone and looked at me again. He moved one hand to my nipple and pinched hard, reawakening the pain that had started to dull. He moved to the other nipple and pinched it hard, too. He seemed amused by my gasps.


I quickly lowered my forehead to the floor and clasped my hands behind my back. "Down" was a position that he’d taught me early on and one that resulted in many a striped ass from me not executing it quickly enough.

I heard him get up and move around, opening and closing a drawer. Then he walked to the door. I heard the whoosh and he was gone.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 7

Read the Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

Our eyes were locked; mine watching his for any kind of reaction and his assessing the different phases of pleasure-pain I was processing. The powerful connection of our gazes made everything else seem hazy.

My hands still grasped the edge of the desk firmly. My nipples throbbed and I tried to catch my breath. He moved slowly toward the box, holding my gaze and knowing I wouldn’t look away. I heard the chain drop into the box and listened hard to try and recognize any other sounds that would give me a hint as to the remaining contents of the box. No luck though.

He moved quickly then; standing up and taking my wrist, he spun me around and with a hand on my back, pushed me down onto the desk. I tried desperately to keep my balance, but moving from the position of having my legs spread so far to spinning around made me lightheaded. When my weight rested on the desk and I realized I wasn’t falling, I breathed again.

"Lay your head down on the desk, facing the right. Do not move."

I planted my left cheek firmly on some papers on the desk and felt his hands on my thighs. He raised my skirt and again tapped on my inner thigh. I moved my legs further apart.

"Mmm… no panties. Good girl."

His hand grabbed my ass cheek and he squeezed it firmly enough to make me gasp before he quickly smacked it a couple of times. After a moment of no touching, I couldn’t tell if he was still behind me or if he had moved to retrieve something else from the box.

Cold, hard, imposing, big and round plunged into my cunt without warning. I yelped or gasped or jumped. Probably all three.

"Don’t move!"

My hands found the edge of the desk above my head and my fingers curved around it, bracing for what I knew was about to happen. But it didn’t come. Instead, it was pulled out and moved to the opening of my anus. He held it there for a minute, gently pushing and teasing, using my juices as lubrication.

I fought the urge to push back, to arch, to meet and encourage it. I didn’t have to fight for long. He slowly applied pressure, pushing it inside me, filling my ass. I moaned as it made its way inside. This was not your everyday average plug. It was hard and substantial. I felt him moving and twisting it, but couldn’t really tell how. His fingers weren’t touching me at all.

He leaned over me then, and spoke in a whisper. "Do you like how that feels in your ass?"

"Yes, Sir," I whispered back.

"Good. It’ll be there for quite a while."

He stood up then and covered my ass with a rapid succession of hard, open-handed spanks. This man can spank harder with his bare hand than anyone I’ve ever known. When my gasps turned to yelps, he stopped.

"Stand up."

I pushed myself up and stood straight as he held me at the waist.

"Legs together."

I closed my legs then and could feel the solidity of the thing filling me extend out between my cheeks. He let go and I heard him swivel in his chair and get up. A drawer opened and closed. I, once again, glanced at the little window in the door and wondered if anyone had wandered by.

Then I felt movement. This thing impaling my ass was being moved around. Not deliberately, but I could feel it all the same. I just couldn’t tell…

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 6

Read the Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

My blouse and bra quickly ended up in a pile in the dark corner of the space under the desk. He took my hand, pulling me out from the confining space and back up to my knees. He held the clamps in front of me, almost dangling them. They were clover clamps… I’d seen them, but hadn’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing them.

Eric pinched my right nipple and tugged on it just a little. The clamp closed down on it and pain rushed through me. Before I could even take a breath, he was pinching my other nipple. He was rough now, pinching much harder. He cupped my breast from underneath and slapped it hard. The sound echoed off the walls and the room seemed blurry for a moment.

I felt jolted by this and my body reacted, seemingly to move away, before I caught myself. Another wave of pain came from the weight of the chain and the other clamp that dangled from my nipple.

"Don’t move."

Then he fastened the other clamp onto my nipple and I gasped. My nipples felt like they were on fire and my left breast stung from his slap. I could see his handprint there and knew I’d be seeing it for a few days.

He pushed me back down, but held onto the chain that connected the clamps. "Find something to do down there." I smiled at the thoughts of what I could do "down there" and when he dropped the chain, I bent to resume licking and sucking on his toes.

When I moved my hand up the inside of his thigh to lightly rub against the bulge in his pants, he caught the chain with his toes and pulled on it. The moan that escaped my lips was low and thick, originating from deep inside. And the clamps were tighter, if that was even possible.

This continued for what seemed like hours. He would drop the chain for a few minutes, then either catch it with his foot and tug or put his hand in his lap and say, "Chain." At that point I would put the chain in his hand and brace myself for the pain that continued to course through me as he pulled and twisted it.

Finally he took my hand and pulled me up, pushing me backwards until I was leaning on the edge of the desk.

"Spread your legs."

I moved them apart, but apparently not wide enough. He patted the inside of my thigh and I opened my legs wider. He rolled his chair toward me so that his knees were between my thighs. Briefly it occurred to me that anyone who walked by and glanced in through the window would see my naked back. But those thoughts left me as he tugged sharply on the chain. God, it hurt. My eyes pleaded silently with him. His eyes told me there would be no reprieve.

He lightly slapped each breast causing fire to radiate from both nipples. I clutched the edge of the desk as hard as I could and rode the pain. My being became all about the pain.

He lightly slapped my face. "Stay with me."

I opened my eyes and focussed on him at the very moment he removed the first clamp. I threw my head back and hissed loudly. He sucked my nipple into his mouth, causing a mixture of pleasure and pain that made me weak in the knees.

He removed the other clamp and took that nipple between his lips, sucking hard this time. He held onto me until I came back.

"Let’s see what else is in that box."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 5

Read the Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

It was security calling. His pizza was here and they were short staffed at the desk due to shift change. They were sending the delivery up unescorted. I knew this was the conversation taking place. Steven and I had planned it all out.

He hung up the phone and looked down at me massaging his feet.

"I’m apparently having pizza for dinner?"

I smiled up at him. "I thought it would be a nice surprise. It’s from Johnny’s." His favorite.

Rolling his chair back a little, he bent forward and grabbed my arms, pulling me out and up to my knees between his legs. His thighs held my body while his hands moved my face to his. His eyes burned with an azure-colored passion that I felt down to the core of my being. The kiss was long and deep. His hands held my head, pulling me into him. I sucked his tongue between my lips and gave it the same attention I planned on giving his cock later. Having had enough teasing, he withdrew his tongue and gently drew my bottom lip between his. He nibbled on it softly at first, then more firmly. My moans grew proportionately and my finger snaked its way along the bulge in his pants.

There was a quick knock on the door, followed immediately by the sound of it opening. I dropped down, hopefully out of sight, and quietly moved back under the desk. The smell of hot, gooey pizza wafted in.

"Hi," came the friendly voice of the pizza girl, Jackie, as she came in and approached the desk. "You’re the only person I’ve even seen here tonight. Where is everyone?"

"Yeah, there’s a company outing tonight and it’s my turn to watch the shop and make sure nothing explodes here."

I hid my face in my hands to keep from laughing. Something would be exploding, I hoped, but it wasn’t really work related.

I heard the pizza box being placed on the edge of the desk above me and watched as Eric pulled out his wallet.

"It’s been taken care of already," she told him. "Enjoy. And don’t work too hard."

"Thanks. I’ll try not to."

Then the door opened and the familiar whoosh followed.

He rolled his chair back again, glanced at what must have been the pizza, then looked down at me, grinning.

"How much pizza do you think I can eat?"

Confused, I crawled out and sat up on my knees. There were two boxes. This wasn’t part of the plan, so I was curious to see what was up. I started to stand up, but he stopped me.

"Your place is on your knees until I tell you otherwise."

"Yes Sir." My insides hummed.

He opened the top box and said, "Mmm… pepperoni." I craned my head around to see as he picked up the box with the pizza, moved the other box to the top of the stack and opened it.

"Nice," he said. From my vantage point I couldn’t see the contents, though I tried really hard. I was at a loss because I had no idea what to expect. He reached into the box and pulled out something that shimmered when the light hit it the right way. Nipple clamps.

My eyes widened with the realization that Steven and Jackie were having some fun with this, too.

"Take your top off."

My hands quickly began unbuttoning.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 4

Read the Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

I quickly withdrew my hand from his thigh as he swiveled toward the door. The bulge in his pants was staring me in the eye.

"Hey, I thought you’d left already."

"I wanted to go over this real quick." It had to be his boss. "There is one small change I need you to make so I can take this with me."

I couldn’t see Eric’s face from this vantage point, but I hoped it wasn’t giving anything away. I don’t think I breathed for the next few minutes. I know I didn’t move a muscle. After what seemed like an eternity, the door opened again. Whoosh. And he was gone.

Eric didn’t move a muscle either. His bulge was still there. "You’re lucky I didn’t have to get up," he said quietly. I took this as a sign that all was well and got to the task at hand.

I untied a shoe and slid it off his foot. The sock came next. I adore his toes. Sucking on them and hearing the little moans and contented sighs that result always make me drip. I held off long enough to get the other shoe and sock off before diving in.

I took each toe into my mouth one at a time and covered it with slow strokes of my tongue; long, deliberate strokes from the base to the tip. I licked along the hollow underneath his toes, soaking them in between. My tongue worked its way into the tender spots between the toes while my hands massaged the ball of his foot and his heel. My lips wrapped around two or three of them, gently sucking them into my mouth. Occasionally I ran my nails very lightly up the back of his calf as far as his jeans would allow my hand to go.

After a while, I moved my attention to his other foot and started all over. Usually when I do this, I am in a position to look up to see the expression on his face. I could imagine it now and wondered if he even gave a thought to the fact that someone might glance through the window. I’d be lying if I said this thought didn’t make me even hotter than I already was.

What I could see this time was the bulge and I was anxious to wrap my lips around it. My hand snaked up his calf and inner thigh, scratching lightly on the fabric covering them.

We both jumped when the phone rang.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Index

TFUTD was my first attempt at a longer story. The premise for this story is based on a real-life running joke. The rest of it is completely fiction. Okay, mostly fiction.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 3

Read the Prologue, Part 1, Part 2.

I don’t know how long it was… minutes, hours… until I heard the door open and then whoosh as it closed. I held my breath as he sat down and rolled himself up to the monitor on the other side of the desk.

I had given quite a bit of thought to my next step. I could just picture him jumping at the feeling of something he wasn’t expecting touching him in a place that he couldn’t readily see. And the last thing I wanted was to scare him. I knew that kind of adrenaline rush wouldn’t be good for my ass, either.

And then the email dropped in. Jackie had come up with this part of the plan. She was by her computer using one of my email accounts. The email had been written. All she had to do was hit send. A phone call from Steven was her cue and she had obviously gotten the call. I waited, mentally reading the email with him. Waiting for the chuckle that I knew would come.

He chuckled.

I knew he was reading my description of how I would be sliding my hand up the inside of his thigh. I leaned across the dark space in the corner of the desk and gently caressed his inner thigh. His reaction was so faint I almost missed it. I couldn’t tell if the gasp I heard was his or my own.

And in hindsight, I don’t know if the gasp happened before or after the door opened. An eternity passed before the now-too-familiar whoosh followed.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 2

Read the Prologue and Part 1.

Could a week have seemed any more like a year? I watched every word that I said, fearful of giving something away. Eric was disappointed that we couldn’t get together. He was working a late shift this week because the company was having one of their frequent outings and it was his turn to watch the shop, so to speak.

I feigned disappointment, too. But I couldn’t help but grin as I pulled into the parking lot. To be on the safe side, I parked well out of view of his car. As planned, I called Steven and he met me in the parking lot to escort me inside. I was dressed appropriately to blend in with the crowd. As I walked by several people who were leaving the building, I felt grateful I didn’t have to dress for the corporate world every day.

Steven showed me where to sign in and gave me a visitor’s badge that reflected the same fake name I’d used on the register. He navigated the maze of elevators and we both walked into one. He’d filled me in on security in the building. It was probably more than he is supposed to tell people, but it was important that I know what could and couldn’t be done within the eyes of the security cameras.

Exiting the elevator, Steven swiped a card to get past a locked door. We walked down a hallway and stopped in front of a dark room. This door he unlocked with a key and we went in. After the door was closed, he turned on the light and I saw it was an office that was being used for storage. Boxes were piled everywhere and they blocked the view through the door’s window, offering some privacy from passers-by.

I stashed my bag in one of the desk drawers which was, to my surprise, empty. And I waited. I knew Steven had retreated to a security station and was watching me on one of the many monitors on the bank in front of him. I checked myself in compact mirror and freshened up my lipstick. I pulled my skirt up just enough to see that my stockings were straight and to untwist one of the garters. My face reddened to see a text message from Steven on my cell phone: "Nice view!"

I looked straight at the camera and blew kisses.

Finally, I got what I’d been waiting for… the door opened and Steven poked his head in. "Let’s go." As we walked, Steven told me Eric was in his boss’s office. He again used a key to let me into the room and gave me a gentle prod forward when I stopped in the door to take in my surroundings.

I walked around the desk and rolled the chair back. While the desk was actually situated so it faced the door, what Steven didn’t mention was that it was L-shaped. Another monitor sat on that side of the desk and a menagerie of knobs, buttons and meters filled the space between the two monitors. I dropped to my knees and scooted under the front part of the desk.

"Good luck," Steven chuckled down at me as he retreated and I heard the door whoosh and shut behind him.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 1

Read the Prologue.

Next, I had to get the lay of the land – or in this case, the lay of the desk – so I could see how it would work. Hell, if it would even work at all. Discreet and hopefully, seemingly random questions about work found their way into our dialogue. I fished for details and used the playful guise of the faux girl under the desk to try and get an idea of what there was to work with.

One evening the week following the party, I met my accomplices, Steven and Jackie, for drinks. They were getting into the game as much as I was and we all plotted and schemed over a pitcher of margaritas. Steven had cased the joint for me, looking with a new eye at the furniture arrangement.

He told me the desk was in the middle of the room and it faced the door. I chuckled at this. When I see someone’s desk arranged so that their computer can’t be seen by anyone else, I automatically assume it’s strategically placed for viewing porn. I guess in this case it takes a pervert to know one. The front of the desk was solid to the floor, presenting a perfect hiding spot from anyone who happened to come in. The door had a window, though, which could be tricky.

I knew Eric would be working a night shift the following week and after discussing several scenarios, Steven agreed that might be the best time to move on what we were now referring to as Operation Desk Job. Jackie wanted to be in on the plan, too, in some way, and the creative juices were flowing because it was easy to find a way to work her in.

We figured out the finer details and were all set to make it happen. I thanked Steven and Jackie profusely for their help and we all commented on what a blast the planning had been.

Next came the hard part… waiting until next week.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk: Prologue

It had become a running joke between us. Sometimes it was me under his desk; other times it was "the girl" under his desk. But she was there, tending to his needs, rubbing and kissing his feet and whatever else might come up. I’ve often thought how funny it would be for him to truly discover a girl under his desk. I even got a wild hair late last year and schemed how to make it happen.

Because the type of work he does is creative and competitive, security is pretty tight in the building. You can’t just stroll in and act like you know where you’re going. So much for my scheme, though it’s a shame because it would have made for a pretty good laugh. He is divine when he laughs.

Coincidence, though a little late, did present itself for this. A friend dragged me to a play party last week. They aren’t really my thing. I don’t play casually and watching other people play doesn’t do much for me. But she wanted to go and was nervous about going alone. So we went.

After the cursory tour of the play space, I spent most of the evening upstairs where people were clothed and in upright positions. I did meet a woman and we hit it off conversationally as soon as we introduced ourselves. We chatted for over an hour and it was that kind of girl talk that so rarely happens to me any more. It was great.

After a while, her husband came up from the basement, looking somewhat aroused. He sat with us and I got to know him a little better. I couldn’t believe it when he said he worked in security at the very building I’d been trying to get into. A couple of hours and a couple of drinks later, I’d filled them both in on my scheme and he agreed to help me pull it off. Not wanting to miss the fun, she offered to help, too.

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Are these the dog days...

of summer? It sure seems that way. It seems that a lot of us are too busy or too tired to get on with things, myself included. I think now that it's time for school again and I look back over the summer to see exactly what on my Summer To Do list was accomplished, I am discouraged. More of that same stuff I talked about earlier surfaces... the whole depending on someone else concept. I went to bed last night somewhat depressed, frustrated and feeling lonely.

But today is another day and I'm finding more positive things to focus on.

My ass could sure use a good spanking, though...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't move!

He says these words. I hear them and I feel them. His tone has a sense of foreboding. I so don't want to hear that tone. I try with every ounce of my being to keep still. My hands are unbound and alternate between grasping at my thighs and forming tight fists. The implements all run together in my mind. I know the Brush With Death was present and accounted for. He tested it on his palm again after trying it a couple of times on my ass. Apparently it was one of the times I moved. I remember feeling the bristles, too, but only vaguely.

He beat me with the spreader bar. I fought the urge to move my hands to cover my ass. I won some and I lost some. "Don't move!"

When I finally managed to stay still... I think it was the rubber flogger but I'm not really sure, his tone changed to smooth and comforting. "Good girl." I soared.

Then he grabbed the bungee cord that was binding me. One hand in front and one in back and he pulled up hard. It was pulled tight across my clit, then moved more as the material readjusted. I don't know how I reacted, but I am certain I did. "I know..." he said. As if to say "I know it hurts." Or "I know it hurts but it's for me." Or "I know it hurts but you love it."

He'd be right with all three of those.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Another underestimation

My blindfold was missing and appeared a couple of times on E's list of items he wanted handy. So I needed a new one. Of course the old one has since turned up. Isn't that how it always happens?

Anyway, this is my new blindfold. It came in yesterday's mail ( and got put to prompt use last night. Holy hole in the doughnut, Batman! This thing is extreme. I couldn't see a thing. No sliver of light. Nada. E said, "Well, isn't that the purpose of the thing?" Gods, I love this man.

I was seriously disoriented with this thing on. I think that combined with some good earplugs, this would take sensory deprivation play to a whole new level for me.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Let's see... three people talked to me yesterday about expectations. Sure, it's my latest buzz word, but I feel there is some of that coincidental and mystical prompting involved here as well. It seems like the times when I'm not experiencing those odd coincidences are the times I'm feeling out of sync with the rest of the world.

This morning as I was making my rounds through my favorite blogs, I had a hair-raising moment. The last paragraph of Dirty Secret Girl's entry had me nodding my head. The content there is usually fun and exciting fantasy stuff of sexual experiences that are delicious. But this is different. This post easily could have been written by me... okay, most of it. I have been going through those same cycles in my marriage and I'm not going to do that to myself any longer. So as I mentioned yesterday, I'm changing my expectations of this relationship. A friend told me yesterday that I deserve better and they're absolutely right.

So there's my affirmation for the day. Some of you may be thinking that this is further proof that polyamorous relationships don't work. I can honestly say that the other relationships in our lives have not caused this situation. They may have served as a catalyst to bring awareness more quickly, but the situation was there long before the other relationships were. That's a topic for another day... maybe.

Next on my list of Challenges for the Day is removing wax from the tassled end of a riding crop. I'm going to arm myself with a roll of paper towels, some real towels and the iron. Wish me luck.

Oh, and the woman has started her trek across the parking lot, so I see more to come in A Gift.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gonna change my way of thinking

I've spent the past few days at the tail-end of an escalating dance with H (my husband) where we basically haven't spoken or interacted much at all. The same situation, the same discussion - we don't really fight... and a different solution presented as a possible fix. The thing is we make great plans of what will happen moving forward and nothing happens. No action items come out of the discussions. Just another description of "this is how it will be." Nothing changes. Wait several months and start the process all over again.

I'm changing my expectations. I've tried this mindset on for a week or so and it's been difficult. But not impossible.

Night before last I had a dream that I was in a hotel room and woke up with a snake in the bed. I hate snakes, but this one wasn't bothersome to me. In the night, apparently, it had shed its skin - twice. I didn't put the usual heavy thought into dream analysis on this one and just went about my day. Work is kicking my ass and I don't have time to do much else. So after the above scenario with H took place, I was talking with E (my Dom) and he was quick to point out that the snake dream clearly represented change.

It was a lightbulb moment. A simple and clear message that I almost missed. I felt a lot better after thinking on this. Hell, I even felt hopeful.