Friday, August 25, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 7

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Our eyes were locked; mine watching his for any kind of reaction and his assessing the different phases of pleasure-pain I was processing. The powerful connection of our gazes made everything else seem hazy.

My hands still grasped the edge of the desk firmly. My nipples throbbed and I tried to catch my breath. He moved slowly toward the box, holding my gaze and knowing I wouldn’t look away. I heard the chain drop into the box and listened hard to try and recognize any other sounds that would give me a hint as to the remaining contents of the box. No luck though.

He moved quickly then; standing up and taking my wrist, he spun me around and with a hand on my back, pushed me down onto the desk. I tried desperately to keep my balance, but moving from the position of having my legs spread so far to spinning around made me lightheaded. When my weight rested on the desk and I realized I wasn’t falling, I breathed again.

"Lay your head down on the desk, facing the right. Do not move."

I planted my left cheek firmly on some papers on the desk and felt his hands on my thighs. He raised my skirt and again tapped on my inner thigh. I moved my legs further apart.

"Mmm… no panties. Good girl."

His hand grabbed my ass cheek and he squeezed it firmly enough to make me gasp before he quickly smacked it a couple of times. After a moment of no touching, I couldn’t tell if he was still behind me or if he had moved to retrieve something else from the box.

Cold, hard, imposing, big and round plunged into my cunt without warning. I yelped or gasped or jumped. Probably all three.

"Don’t move!"

My hands found the edge of the desk above my head and my fingers curved around it, bracing for what I knew was about to happen. But it didn’t come. Instead, it was pulled out and moved to the opening of my anus. He held it there for a minute, gently pushing and teasing, using my juices as lubrication.

I fought the urge to push back, to arch, to meet and encourage it. I didn’t have to fight for long. He slowly applied pressure, pushing it inside me, filling my ass. I moaned as it made its way inside. This was not your everyday average plug. It was hard and substantial. I felt him moving and twisting it, but couldn’t really tell how. His fingers weren’t touching me at all.

He leaned over me then, and spoke in a whisper. "Do you like how that feels in your ass?"

"Yes, Sir," I whispered back.

"Good. It’ll be there for quite a while."

He stood up then and covered my ass with a rapid succession of hard, open-handed spanks. This man can spank harder with his bare hand than anyone I’ve ever known. When my gasps turned to yelps, he stopped.

"Stand up."

I pushed myself up and stood straight as he held me at the waist.

"Legs together."

I closed my legs then and could feel the solidity of the thing filling me extend out between my cheeks. He let go and I heard him swivel in his chair and get up. A drawer opened and closed. I, once again, glanced at the little window in the door and wondered if anyone had wandered by.

Then I felt movement. This thing impaling my ass was being moved around. Not deliberately, but I could feel it all the same. I just couldn’t tell…


A Nawty Mouz said...

Oh my! You are such a very good girl, you're bahdd! Ugh! Hard and hot, impaled and spanked, dripping and drooling good.

stroker said...

nice..smoking hot nice

Tigger said...

Oh, Bella,

What you do to me with your words... you leave me quivering and wet, begging for more but not sure if I can relaly stand it all even now.

Perfect, sweetie, just perfect... where's the next chapter?

Dawn (I mean Tigger)

Lestat said...

Bella, this is getting interesting. Watching for the next chapter.

Man With A One Track Mind said...

i agree, very fucking hot. i just came very very hard while reading.

bella said...

I'm very grateful for the kind comments and feedback. Thank you!


Rex Venom said...

Rock on!