Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 4

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I quickly withdrew my hand from his thigh as he swiveled toward the door. The bulge in his pants was staring me in the eye.

"Hey, I thought you’d left already."

"I wanted to go over this real quick." It had to be his boss. "There is one small change I need you to make so I can take this with me."

I couldn’t see Eric’s face from this vantage point, but I hoped it wasn’t giving anything away. I don’t think I breathed for the next few minutes. I know I didn’t move a muscle. After what seemed like an eternity, the door opened again. Whoosh. And he was gone.

Eric didn’t move a muscle either. His bulge was still there. "You’re lucky I didn’t have to get up," he said quietly. I took this as a sign that all was well and got to the task at hand.

I untied a shoe and slid it off his foot. The sock came next. I adore his toes. Sucking on them and hearing the little moans and contented sighs that result always make me drip. I held off long enough to get the other shoe and sock off before diving in.

I took each toe into my mouth one at a time and covered it with slow strokes of my tongue; long, deliberate strokes from the base to the tip. I licked along the hollow underneath his toes, soaking them in between. My tongue worked its way into the tender spots between the toes while my hands massaged the ball of his foot and his heel. My lips wrapped around two or three of them, gently sucking them into my mouth. Occasionally I ran my nails very lightly up the back of his calf as far as his jeans would allow my hand to go.

After a while, I moved my attention to his other foot and started all over. Usually when I do this, I am in a position to look up to see the expression on his face. I could imagine it now and wondered if he even gave a thought to the fact that someone might glance through the window. I’d be lying if I said this thought didn’t make me even hotter than I already was.

What I could see this time was the bulge and I was anxious to wrap my lips around it. My hand snaked up his calf and inner thigh, scratching lightly on the fabric covering them.

We both jumped when the phone rang.


Al Sensu said...

Well, now, you're just teasing me....and I like it. Please keep 'em coming (so to speak)

Lestat said...

Wow, the phone just when is starts getting good. Story of my life some days...

bella said...

Mine, too, Lestat. Mine, too.

More to come, al. No worries.


Don said...

I look at work in a whole different light now....

bella said...

Heh. Don I'm glad I could help you out with that.