Monday, October 09, 2006

My Trick, Your Treat - Part 1

He opened the door and tentatively walked into the hallway, turning to see the door pulled firmly shut behind him. It was his first time and he was a little nervous. He was excited, of course, but a little nervous at being new to the experience. He glanced at the display on his cell phone again and re-read the instructions there. He turned and began to walk down the hall, now seeing others joining him. He passed Captain Jack Sparrow. The pirate flashed a gold-toothed grin and winked as he ambled by. A redheaded nurse walked around the corner and he gazed lustily at her chest. They exchanged a knowing smile as they passed and he wondered what her room might be like. He hoped he found out.

He rounded the corner and saw Snow White knocking on the door of room 249. She smiled bashfully at him as she waited. He was hoping to catch a glimpse of her destination, but the door didn’t open until he’d walked past. As he approached the elevator, its doors opened with a ding and a garden gnome held the door open while Dorothy and her little dog, too, walked out. He noticed she was wearing ruby slippers and appreciated her attention to detail.

The garden gnome chuckled like a dirty old man as he followed Dorothy down the hall.

He entered the elevator and pressed the button. When he arrived at his destination, he exited the elevator and was a little surprised to see that he was alone. He walked down the hall, past the vending and ice machines. At the end of the hallway he spotted the fake palm tree. It was wrapped in white Christmas lights. He felt around in the moss covering the faux dirt in the pot and found the key card. He took a breath and inserted it into the lock. The little red light flashed.

He cursed under his breath, withdrew the card and turned it around. This time when he inserted it, the little light illuminated in a solid green. He pulled the key out, turned the handle and walked into the room. He knew everyone had their own unique setting, but he hadn’t expected this at all.

He found himself standing in front of the swimming pool.


Tiggr said...

Oh, goodness Bella, You are quite the tease aren't you... you certainly fit right in with Eva and Elis (I mean PK) and Theresa and Kayley et all... can't wait to get a better idea of where you're going with this... is Ariel gonna pop up from the pool?

Huge hugs,

frhe sjgg said...

Good morning Bella,

Don't 'cha just love halloween !!!!!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story !

And will you add me to your links? Pretty please and a naughty story on top ?!?
I've got you on mine !

Thanks. I appreciate it !
Have a great Wednesday !
Anne Elizabeth