Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tales From Under The Desk, Part 11

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No words came. A swat to my ass came though, and it was followed by many more. He spanked me hard and my ass burned. Every spank felt like it drove the steel deeper inside me. A tear dripped from my cheek onto a piece of paper on his desk.

It took a minute for me to realize that it had stopped. I heard only my quiet sobs and ragged breaths. I strained to hear something – anything that let me know where he was. The silence was eerie.

"Stand up." The words were spoken so softly I wasn’t sure I’d heard them.


I heard that very clearly and pushed myself up from the desk. I stood there facing away from him; my eyes focussed on the door and I again wondered who might have been watching. It could have been the whole office at this point. The thought left me as quickly as it resurfaced.

"Turn around."

I turned to face him and saw his cock. I love his cock. A drop of moisture glistened there and I moaned softly, already tasting it in my mind. My eyes pleaded with him once again. He nodded this time and I was on my knees between his legs in an instant.

My tongue snaked out and licked the sweet spot just below his head, then slowly up to the drop of nectar. I deliberately circled my tongue around him, playing along the edge… teasing. As my lips finally wrapped greedily around him, he grabbed my head and pounded it up and down, impaling my mouth. His cock hit the back of my throat and he held me there until I started to gag.

He released his grip and I moved back to suck and lick his head and catch my breath. Swirling my tongue around the head and up to the magic spot for another drop, I looked up at him. His eyes said it all.

I moved my mouth down him again, and kept going, taking him further inside me. I held him there for as long as I could and gasped for breath when I pulled back. After a few deep breaths, I again tried to get his cock down my throat. Again and again I fought panic and the need to gag and breathed only when I had to. This is what he liked and I knew it.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and followed it as my mouth moved up and down him. He controlled my movements now, but not with his hand.

"Good girl."

He said it when I looked up at him during one of my journeys back up to breathe. A tear dripped from my cheek onto his cock and I tasted its saltiness as I descended again.

His grasp tightened in my hair and he moved my head faster again, roughly forcing my mouth up and down his shaft. I anticipated his movements and tried to move with them. Then he held me firmly with my lips just underneath his head. I felt it swell just before my mouth was filled with pulse after pulse of his cum. The moans I heard were my own.

He continued to hold me firmly by my hair and finally pulled me up toward him, my face turned upward.

"Show me."

I opened my swollen lips carefully, not wanting to spill a drop, and I showed him.


Pyrhonik said...

Geez Bella, this is wicked hot!

Al Sensu said...

Something about this story reminds me of the TV show 24. After I watch one episode I am so hyped up I can't stand to wait for the next one. Like the old show business saw, you leave us wanting more.

bella said...

Pyrhonik, thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.

Al, if you see future parts starting with a time, you'll know you're in trouble. ;)


Anonymous said...

That was quite hot!

PenetratingYou said...

G'day bella. Grand bloody grand. Love your work, keep it up.

Edtime Stories said...

Bella thank you for the great story. I love it.

Rex Venom said...

So sexy. Now I need a nice mouth to use!
Rock on!

Sex, Lies and Myspace said...

Good Girl indeed! Very nice visual!