Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Snack Cart!"

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all...

She squatted down to pick up something that had fallen and he was privy to an unexpected sight in her blouse. Two long, narrow bruises peeked out from the edge of her bra. As quickly as he’d seen them, she stood up. He took his muffin and a napkin and looked her in the eyes before he turned and walked away.

The bruises worked through his mind and he knew they were cane-made. The light-colored skin in the shape of the cane, surrounded by a burst of purple outline all the way around. Unmistakably a cane.

He glanced back at her over his shoulder as she pushed the cart down the hall. She was nondescript. She looked like every girl; one of those who disappear into the background. As he headed back to the project he’d been working on, he made a mental note to take a closer look later.


Later came and he took a bag of Chex Mix and a sugar cookie. He watched her carefully this time. She broke eye contact with him when she could. She seemed polite but shy. He engaged her in a bit of small talk and listened to her voice. Again, polite, but offering only minimal information. Answering his questions and nothing more. He scanned her body for other tell-tale signs but found none.

Several days passed with the same result. Her diverted eyes, shy demeanor. He just knew there was something there.


Friday afternoon was not letting up and he was in for a late night. He’d just stepped into the hallway and was looking over the options when one of the execs from upstairs approached. They chatted about a recent project he’d worked on while she took an apple from the cart. He waited there because he knew what was to come next. The woman turned and as she walked away, she bit into the apple. Looking at her ass was one of his favorite diversions at work. He watched the short black skirt move seductively to the end of the hall and only turned away as it rounded the corner.

When he looked back at the nondescript girl in front of him, he saw she’d been watching, too. Caught in the act, she blushed and looked down, straightening the items on the cart that didn’t really need to be straightened.

He smiled at her. “Nice view, wouldn’t you say?”

Her face reddened even more. “Umm… yes.” She mumbled.

He looked at the snacks and took a bag of Doritos and a brownie. The fruit bowl was almost empty.

“No bananas today?”

“I just ran out. Sorry.” She stammered the last word just a little.

He turned and went back to his office.


Monday morning rush. On his way from a meeting back to his office when he met the girl and her cart outside his office door. He couldn’t help but notice the short skirt she wore. It was markedly different than anything he remembered seeing. The slumpy look he’d seen last week left his mind completely. Thighs and ass greeted him as he got closer.

He said nothing and took a bagel and some jelly. As he turned away, she spoke.

“I saved you a banana.” She sounded uncertain.

He turned back to her and looked her in the eyes. There was a sparkle there. Shyness, for sure, but she was putting herself out there. He took the banana and touched her hand in the process.

“Thanks. Hey, I have a long meeting this afternoon and will be here late. If I’m not here when you come back by, be a dear and leave something on my desk for me?”

Without waiting for any acknowledgement at all, he turned and went into his office. She stood in front of the closed door for a moment before she moved down the hall. He smiled to himself.


ArtfulDodger said...

I sense romance is in the air... or maybe that's just the garlic bagels? Boy, y'know, I could sure use a snack cart at work. :)

Happy Valentine's Day Bella!

Shon Richards said...

I just love the banana moment, that was great.

Al Sensu said...

Great story. I wonder what she will leave for him.

Lelo Canada said...

Everyday banana in the early stage of relationship and seldom banana as it grows older.