Friday, July 27, 2007

Sonnet 57

How is it, I wonder, that I made it through umpteen years of school and never read Shakespeare? I have no idea. I ran across this recently and really liked it.

Sonnet 57

Being your slave, what should I do but tend
Upon the hours and times of your desire?
I have no precious time at all to spend,
Nor services to do, till you require.
Nor dare I chide the world-without-end hour
Whilst I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you,
Nor think the bitterness of absence sour
When you have bid your servant once adieu;
Nor dare I question with my jealous thought
Where you may be, or your affairs suppose,
But, like a sad slave, stay and think of nought
Save, where you are how happy you make those.
So true a fool is love that in your will,
Though you do any thing, he thinks no ill.

From Shakespeare Online.

In other news, I had the opportunity to do some traveling recently and visited The House of The Seven Gables. I think I could write a story about that crooked, twisty stairwell and the room at the top of it. If life wasn't sucking me dry right now, that is.

Their gift shop had terrific t-shirts with a quote from The Scarlet Letter. Of course, I can't find a picture of the thing now, but I did call a friend to tell him about it. I suspect the folks who were close enough to hear my half of the conversation were intrigued. Or alarmed. (No worries, you Emily Posts out there; I stepped outside to make the call. People just kind of wandered into my "phone zone.") I kind of wish I'd bought it, but logic prevailed. Do I really need another t-shirt? Right.


Lestat said...

The Scarlet Letter huh? Reminds me of a post you wrote not too long ago ....

Al Sensu said...

Lovely! So perhaps Shakespeare was a sub?

tinaslut said...

There is no question about it: Shaky sure did write some sensible things...

tina of Sweden

To Visit My said...

your blog is feel good......

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